Philippine phone number


We are the direct number for your company which specializes on providing a verity of telecom services including the virtual numbers. 


They become extremely popular due to globalization of the economy , people traveling and migrating between the different countries. 

Philippines is a country with a long-term connections with US, where English is a second language and most of the young people are well educated. 

Besides that, people in Philippines have their relatives in US and often send their children to study over there. 

At this point it is important for all of these people to stay connected preferably at low cost. 

It could be accomplished thank to a virtual local number. 

How does it work?


Let’s say if you study in US and want your relatives to be able to call you at low cost. 

The solution is very simple, all you need is to buy a
 local number in Philippines with a redirection to your number (it can be Skype, SIP, local or mobile phone numbers) in US. 

It could be done visa-versa (getting a local number in US and redirect it to Philippines or any other country in the world). 

By doing that you would be able significantly decrease the cost of your phone bill and stay connected regardless where you are. 

The detailed information can be received on our website and our stuff would be happy to assist you throughout registration process.